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Reparatii calculatoare
Service calculatoare,devirusare,reparatii laptop,administrare retele,instalare windows la domiciliu si abonament service calculatoare pentru firme.Contact: 0757-371.244. blog: ... citeste in continuare
Adaugat: 28.05.2012
Pret: 1EURdetalii
Product Image COMPUTERE, SOFTWARE > Apple
Apple iPad Tablet PC 64GB Wifi
The Apple iPad is the newest addition to the Apple line of touch screen products. The iPad will revolutionize the way you do every day tasks. From browsing the internet with lighting fast 3G (or wifi) speeds, to watching movies on the HUGE 9.7 inch screen. You will not find another product like this out there, we can promise you that. All of the built-in apps on iPad were designed from the ground up to ... citeste in continuare
Adaugat: 14.05.2010
Pret: 600USDdetalii

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